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Beautiful, recycled wedding dressing,

For those who care.


Beautiful, upcycled dresses for weddings.

Are you looking for the wedding dress? Having trouble finding something that describes you and what you want your wedding to be about? At Love Dress we offer you beautiful, bespoke, one of a kind dresses to make your special day what you want it to be.

All our items are upcycled goods, lovingly discovered, restored and repurposed into elegant, stand out pieces. Love Dress pieces make you feel good. They won't hurt your hip pocket, and they don't take new resources from our environment. They are about celebrating, and loving, what we have.

Here at Love Dress, we believe that less is always more, and we are proud to offer irresistible, sustainable, ethical and unique dresses to brides who know they want something a little different; a little 'less is more'.

Can't find what you're looking for? Come by and have another look, we are always working on new one of a kind pieces.

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