Love Dress grew...

... from the romantic wedding daydreams of founder Ella Kurz. Idealising how her own special day would look and feel, Ella realised that much of the wedding industry imagery didn't live up to her fantasies.

Ella was sure she wanted a wedding that was made beautiful through the love it would celebrate, not how on trend the bride and groom looked, nor how coordinated the wedding decorations were, and certainly not how much the bride and groom had to spend. The picture perfect and often wasteful wedding industry seemed to be lacking an authenticity - a specialness; the feeling of the heart and soul of the two people coming together to share a life.

The concept of Love Dress came to Ella as an antidote. Each Love Dress piece has its own story to tell. They embrace being who we are and making what we have the most beautiful it can be. Ella is passionate about a sustainable future and strives to provide meaningful, ethical (and gorgeous) alternatives for couples celebrating their love.